Monday, 2 July 2007

Lion King- Park Nab- A Childhood Dream

I had seen Luke solo this difficult arete in the past and marvelled at how amazing he was. I had tried it before after soloing 'Bow String' and Top roping 'Zero Route', but had barely got off the ground. I had purchase my new DMM Highball bouldering mat from Needle Sports, it was clean and yellow below Lion King, protecting that rock that looked so dangerous.

I climbed up untill i was straddling the nose. I move my hand up to pinch the Arete and then pulled up and continued on good hold to the top. Got it in one i thought. It was not much more than a boulder problem, but it was a subconscious target. This made me think that maybe if i could climb this, I could one day be a 'good' climber. (I'm yet to find that out.)

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