Monday, 31 December 2007

Ode To A Fine Year

The blood is spilt, the routes are climbed and lessons were learnt. It is finished. Poor, wet trips to Round Crag and the Wainstones did not do justice to such an excellent year. I wished to get up an E3 onsight before the end of the year, but considering I have barely consolidated E1 it was a quest for the impossible. Needless to say i looked up some sodden E4 6bs in awe- not climbing them. Perhaps next year, with more strength, technique and a bit of hieght. Dry weather Is what I wait for. Friction climbing seemed like fiction climbing today.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

New Dimensions (short version)- Tis But A Boulder

A Classic of the moors. The Perfect overhang of the Moors. I have wanted to do it since i saw the picture of Steve Crowe, effortlessly reaching the jug.- Which was much worse than i imagined. I had only tried it twice before and this time i was determined. The first moves were the most fluid climbing I had ever done- even Dave Commenting on the fluidness. My Hands were constantly slipping from the poor Holds. High feet on the layback cured the problem, but there was still the dyno to do.

I was already Pumped by the steep strenuous moves, but then came the real test. I leaped up and reeched the hold. Although this was not the whole route done, I had done the tradtional Problem.

There's just the top bit to do now. My meegre achievement was upstaged by Luke nearly completing the whole route. - a 'pro' at work. I'll try it again at the next CMC meet. Definitely One For 'the wish list'.