Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Alps- Arolla and Zermatt

Probably my best Climbing experience. I went with my Dad by plane and slept on a bench the first night. We had some tuition on cravase rescue ect. Then we wandered up a nice PD ridge up Mount Blanc de chillion (in the picture). My dad suffered a little due to altitude and being knackered, but we got to the top and got down in good time. This gave me a good view of what mountains were around and am planning to return next year.
Zermatt was not to my likiing really, although the mountains are supurb, It's a hastle getting to them, with me being a penny-less teenager. Despite this though we attempted the Breithorn (the easiest 4,000 metre peak). We didn't take the cable car up to kleine matterhorn though- seemed like cheating. Instead we stayed in the Teodolu Hutte. It was Cold and stormy so we set off late, we climbed Kleine Matterhorn, by the steep side and then traversed over to the Breithorn. we got to about 4,000 metres then realised that the last cable car left in about 15minutes. It was a decision between a four thousand metere peak and a huge walk down or nothing. In the true spirit of alpinism, we chose nothing. running back to the cable car.

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