Sunday, 25 November 2007

Dental Slab- Rylstone

We had our eye on a Few Es, but when we arrived it was raining. Despite this, the ever possitive Ian, attempted some E1. He didnt even get up to the crux. He retreated and we wandered over to some easier stuff. I was with two Ians- Big (moore) and Little (Jackson). On the walk over to Dental slab we lost little ian (who had the gear), so i started climbing this 'easy' Severe with only a SIG bottle for gear. Surely the top of it would stay on? ( I was determined as I had failed on a diff next to corvus- Raven crag-in a storm the previous week.) I passed the crux and then Little Ian arrived with the gear. He lobbed me a nut and i continued. It was a greesy friction climb and many-a-time i nearly fell. But i got to the top. And it were reet. I belayed the Ians up. Then the rope was weighted, this mid-E-grade climber had fallen on a severe- this didn't make me feel so bad at using a rope on this 'easy' Severe.

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