Thursday, 5 July 2007

Esklets- A Hidden Treasure

Although it was our local crag, we didn't vist it untill the back end of this year as there wasn't a picture of it in the guide and we assumed iy would be crap, we were wrong. A Local Wise man recomended it to us, so we went. It turned out it was one of the best crags in the area. Hopefully the new guide will inspire some more people to venture there (with our picture- you can see my head behind the rock to the right of the bag). We soloed a few routes then realised many of the routes were not at the standard of an HVS climber (which we were), so we started on some first ascents.
There was a large expanse of rock that had no routes on, so we led a few VSs. Dave completed his scoop project a few mounths later, at HVS 5a, and i've since returned to solo some Routes in the Snow in November(a sevre; a Vs; and two HVSs). I Really recomend it, if your in the area.

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