Sunday, 2 March 2008

Brimham and Ingleby- beginning of summer - Acme Wall E3 6a

A windy, but good weekend. I got up some proper E2s at Brimham and got up my first good E3. Although I’ve climbed an E4 before i was yet to onsight a solid E3. Acme Wall is regarded by many as a highball, but without a boulder mat on the thin crux above a few rocks, it is a serious proposition. The heckling by many for using a mat on such routes, led me to leave it- unopened- far away. I soloed up and did the crux, but then panicked and came back down. Another more composed attempt aloud for a good clean ascent of a fine E3 6a.

A trip to Ingleby was made on the Saturday and a few E1s were ascended although the wind hindered the climbing some-what. A few good lines and possibilities for first ascents were also sighted for a later date.

(I appologise for the picture. When I got the last rail dave had to run from spotting me off some boulders to the bottom to take a picture- whilst I was hanging on crimps above no boulder mat. Once he shouted "got it." I quickly got over the top and I celebrated more than I ever have on a successful climb.)


Ian Jackson said...

all these Chalkless accents! very ethical!

Franco Cookson said...

iy. you dont need chalk on grit- shouldnt be sweating.