Wednesday, 9 July 2008


A long time now I have wanted to visit this place. Today was the day- Truly inspiring.

We warmed up on The Nightwatch. A brilliant 'VS'. This really is one of the best routes in the moors. The Skab Direct (E1)was the next route. I led the first Easy pitch up to the ledge and then we set about the more serious section. Ian led on past a loose block and cruised the rest. A recommended route. We then heard the shouting of another climber- Luke Hunt. He abed down and then climbed up the third end of the rope on the skab. Ian then informed me we were off to the serious end of Whitestone........

Normally abseils are nothing special, but abing past Blitzkrieg was amazing. I got some useful Beta for my future attempt at freeing the traverse though, and we then set about an ascent of Blitzkrieg it's self. E2 in the guide, but much harder. I led up to the cave and then LUke got the sharp end for this dodgey traverse. A fall would have been painful, but not too serious, if the gear held. He was going well and got out to the arete, then his good crimp snapped, this shattered his chances and confidence. He called for the ab rope to be pulled towards him and I abed off to do so.

Ian then went for the lead of Espeekay. He was going for the first free ascent and climbed the crux without Aid. He then panicked and held a runner after he placed it. A traversty really as he later declared he would not dream of trying to repeat the route again, due to it's terrible looseness.

So an eventful trip to Whitestone. How it makes the most confident climber crumble and the likes of me whipper at the sight of it. I hope me and Dave might be off soon to free the travers, but back into that terrible cave I must once more go.

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