Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Petis Jourasses West Face

Luke said it was the west face of the Petis Jourasses?
Being poor and stingy, we couldn't afford the train up and like the rest of the holiday, we walked up from the valley. We set up camp bellow the Jourasses and rested our legs until three. We got up and set off. Trotting in the pitch black, without a head torch, we arrived at the base of the route. I led out of the cold onto the beautiful granite face and up for 5 or so pitches, placing the odd friend. Luke and Tom seconded quickly and then Luke block led the next section, through the crux.

We were at 3/4 height now and Tom took over lead. The route was a bit tricky to follow and we promptly went the wrong way after only 20 metres. Tom retreated and I led us onto the easy 5 pitches to the top. Snow and dark clouds set in and we decided to ab off as we'd completed the main difficulties.

The retreat was a bit sketchy and Tom had to be rescued a few times. Luke also hung on a bolt for a while when he went a bit wrong and found he had no rope. A fine trip, if not a bit crap.

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