Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Rylstone- a few E2s and E3s

Dooge fancied Rylstone, so off we went. I warmed up on Pocket Battleship, a sound E3 6a. An interesting stiff pull on a terrible sloping hold led to a desperate slap into the break of Monument crack. After this we both led monument crack in good style- Dooge only placing 2 runners and myself getting an interesting no-hands rest.
We then moved on, and after a couple of solos of Dental Slab we both led Crazy Diamond and the Hot Line. Crazy Diamond was a great route- especially with my wrong and very sketchy finish. It ends up with a significant run out on a couple of pebbles. Don't go left!

We trotted over to do veteran and I failed on an E4. Nice though. And then finished with some night soloing of poetry in motion and the other one.

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