Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Nightwatch- Solo

An aim I'd had for a while and something I thought i needed to do as mental preparation for my project, The Nightwatch is perhaps one of the best lines in the moors. I was psyched for something 'out there', but backed off Jurassic Scarp When it was too horribly loose to warrant an attempt.

I then moved round the corner and set out on what was going to be a testing solo. Probably the most focused i had been since Silver Lining at Froggatt, I got to the first crux and after a scary moment with a suspect hold i managed to get established in the cave. From here I swung out right, via a couple of pockets and a crimp, a brilliant move in a very airy position. I was completely in the zone now, 20 metres below me 15 metres left, the tree at the top was getting nearer and every foot balanced the rest of me perfectly.
I topped out looking over the plateau below, what could be better?- Beautiful day, awesome solo, completely in control.

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