Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Whitestone Traverse Goes Free! HXS 6b

Just a quick post, before a proper write-up and lots of pics.

Me, Luke Hunt and Dave Warburton got on the traverse today, climbing left to right in a single push in an onsight style. The first four pitches weren't without interest with some seriously cheesy rock. I led the 5c/6a Blitzkrieg pitch (with a lovely peg threaded with an RP) and luke then managed to free the aid pitch, with a massive reach and cut loose on to a sloper. It went at around 6b, with a cruicial foothold snapping off and flying into the abis on his successful attempt- making my second even harder. After I led the relatively straight-froward, but loose '5a pitch' (5b+) we then simul climbed to glory and mini-eggs. I wanted to escape off at nightwatch, but Luke (still fresh) insisted on finishing up Jurrassic Scarp, an ace finish to an amazing route. A brilliant end to over a years-worth of torment; with many tales to be told (and slightly exaggerated upon) down at the pub. ACE!

Videos of falling blocks to come!

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