Friday, 23 October 2009

Psyched!!! But what for?

It's really strange not having rock on your doorstep, and that's exactly how it is in Manchester. The Wall is pretty good (despite the grumpy staff), so I've ended up not going out for days (almost weeks) on end and just hitting the wall.

The result is i'm stronger than i've ever been, getting better technically by the day (not very hard) and actually doing some work for my course (German). I'm more psyched than i've been for ages as well, dreaming of the Alps, loose Wales and projects back home.
The Raven's scar Arete

Currently, I really want to get back to the moors. There's so much left to do- Kepwick groove, the Danby arete, a look at Magic in the Air ground up. Steve 'the beast' is also apparently nearing the first ascent of the Raven's Scar arete, which will be mega when it goes (E8/9 7aish). I'd love to have a little play on it before it goes (maybe bag an aided ascent before his free one ;-)).

Hopefully I wont have lost my head during the indoor-boshing......

Monday, 12 October 2009


What a place. I've been wanting to get there for so long and this weekend I finnaly managed it. The rock is amazing, the formations spectacular, the position mind blowing and the climbing terrifying.

Mousetrap Zawn was chosen for my first trip and after a bit of retreating the crux pitch of Mousetrap fell to me. Not hard climbing, nor too pumpy, but it's nicely committing and with some really cool moves and a little loose rock.

I sense i'm becoming a Gogarther.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

V4 fourth go- narcissuss (E6 6b)

The Manchester Uni MC meet meant a load of freshers and boulderers descending on Frogatt. A few people decked out, but were ok and a few people bouldered some easy problems- myself included. A large group of us were trying narcissuss and I eventually managed it in bad style and feeling awful after 10 days on the lash. A first E6, but more like a sketchy V4/5/6 with pads. Nice climbing, bit of a shame I was gay and used pads. Good day out though with a wicked pie.