Friday, 23 October 2009

Psyched!!! But what for?

It's really strange not having rock on your doorstep, and that's exactly how it is in Manchester. The Wall is pretty good (despite the grumpy staff), so I've ended up not going out for days (almost weeks) on end and just hitting the wall.

The result is i'm stronger than i've ever been, getting better technically by the day (not very hard) and actually doing some work for my course (German). I'm more psyched than i've been for ages as well, dreaming of the Alps, loose Wales and projects back home.
The Raven's scar Arete

Currently, I really want to get back to the moors. There's so much left to do- Kepwick groove, the Danby arete, a look at Magic in the Air ground up. Steve 'the beast' is also apparently nearing the first ascent of the Raven's Scar arete, which will be mega when it goes (E8/9 7aish). I'd love to have a little play on it before it goes (maybe bag an aided ascent before his free one ;-)).

Hopefully I wont have lost my head during the indoor-boshing......


Dave Warburton said...

you will have done mate, indoor climbing makes you a pussy.

ram-man said...

I wouldn't build up too much psyche for the raven's arete I'm afraid - despite an extensive (1hr+) cleaning effort on ab today, I couldn't get it into good enough nick for me to be able to climb it. You never know, a dry spell might sort it again before the year is out though!

I guess the 'kepwick groove' is on the big face at kepwick with heavily brushed holds? Have you been on it much? I know Luke said he'd been on it a bit but sacked it when it hurt his finger. I went for a look over summer but it was raining - looks good albeit terrifying? or is there gear?

Franco Cookson said...

A shit skyhook I think. I haven't been on it, but it should go by the looks of it.

流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

pls share some video, i like u blog so much