Thursday, 26 November 2009

Indoor Seshes- F8a

Going for a F7c+ at Sunderland Wall
I've always hated indoor walls, but of late I've been getting down to the Manchester Climbing centre a fair bit. It's an OK wall, with a really nice lead wall and a mix of grades up to about 8a.

I've been getting a lit stronger with the indoor steepness and it's quite funny how you can get into really trying your hardest in a non-outdoor setting. Today I managed to link the F8a on lead, which was pretty cool as it's well set and pretty much at my limit (even though it's quite soft).

Some valiant flash attempts were made by Tony Stone and Luke, who both almost did it (Tony touching the last hold!).

The walls getting reset this week so I can start the intense seshes all over again :)


Anonymous said...

lol 8a in the mcc is about 7b anywhere else.

Franco Cookson said...

yeh. probs more like 7c. If it was at awesome walls it would be about 9a.