Sunday, 31 January 2010

Excellent Trip to the Lakes- Broken Ankle?

I also just found this picture of Luke on Mongol E2 5c- Beacon Scar

Me and Luke fancied a rematch on Soul Vacation at north Buttress on Bowfell, so when cold temperatures were forecast, we thought a trip to the lakes was in order, unforunately Luke had to hitch to the lakes from Preston, meaning he couldn't get to north buttress, so we elected to have a look at Hutaple crag.

It's a cool-looking crag, but wasn't in at all so we then wandered over Cofa Pike, Dolywaggon, Nethermost and eventually Helvelyn looking for stuff that looked hard. Eventually we gave up and decided to do some soloing on Red Tarn face. After some stupidity jumping off the cornice and running down the easy gullies I then managed to get my leg behind my back whilst sledging semi-out of control down the bottom snow slopes, spraining or breaking my ankle?

I tried to follow Luke up a III, but it was pretty painful, so started the agonising walk back down to Patterdale, which took about 5 hours. A moped back down to Manchester and the swelling is now huge. Bollocks.

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