Friday, 15 January 2010

Kinder By Night!

Met up with Stuart Coxson tonight as it got dark. Quickly trotted up to the downfall, with the snow conditions not being too bad. We went the wrong way round the reservoir but it worked out ok. I led the classic grade three, although didn't place any gear. Stuart followed with ease (one of his first trips winter climbing) so I then led the grade IV, which was really nice with big fat hooks.

it was a bit of an epic as I had no harness, belay plate, ice axes or crampons and Stu's headtorch soon packed in, but we just about coped. Surprised how good it is!

The Ice conditions were good, with some of it hooked out and a lot of first time placements. Much of the snow that was sketchy when we arrived had turned into good snow you could use your pick on when we left (about 2?)

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