Monday, 8 March 2010

A Bit of Bouldering and Loss of Head

The University of Manchester annual dinner was realistically never going to provide a great platform for long days out on the hill putting up new winter routes. Never the less, I tried and failed to persuade people to get out.
So on the saturday I found my self at the Bowderstone after a long lie-in and a bit of drinking the previous night. The quality of the bouldering was superb and for the first time I was getting well established on some of the problems-proper. I soon got bored though and managed to get up to Hells Wall. We tried the classic classic E4, but used the dampness and lack of chalk as an excuse to tootle off. Luke then had a good go at Hells Wall, with limitted success. I'm probably stronger than i've ever been before, but chronically affraid. We conceded defeat on the sunday and after an even heavier drinking session decided to go staight to St. Bees. Absolutely superb rock and the girdle of the cliff looks fun!

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