Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ravensdale- New Route and The White Scoop

Reunited with Dooge, we drove over to Ravensdale. Dooge led the Roof- crack on the right hand crack, which went at about E3 5c. A proper struggle, but surprisingly good. He got it second go as his first effort was met with a hold the size of a TV coming off in his hand and flying down the route after him. With a bit of care he managed to find the upper crack, with solid jams and good gear. The top crack is ace, but the escapability and poor rock at half height make it a bit worse.

I then got back on the White Scoop. decided to go for the top rope and got it clean. Pretty hard with a definite sequence. Dooge had a go and reckoned it was 6c, but I think it's probably 6b. Quite bold and sustained though. With the direct start it would be a really good E7/8. Dave seemed impressed with the quality of climbing. I didn't go for the lead, but we'll be back in a week or so.


Anonymous said...

How hard did Alan Manker think the moves on the scoop were? hard 6b or easy 6c?

Franco Cookson said...

He didn't try it. But he said it looked harder than climbing magic crack with stubai hornets, so probs 6c.

Dave Warburton said...

Alan told me, he reckoned it was probably 'only' 6b. But Franco is the only person to link it. I reckon it could be knocking at 6c.