Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thoughts On The Arete Project- Ravenscar

The arete is the massive thing behind Steve. (copyright Steve Crowe)

The moors is currently seeing it's first race (that i've heard of) for a First ascent. Both me and Steve Ramsden (http://ram-man-selfindulgentdrivel.blogspot.com/2009/10/elusive-illusive-both.html) are trying to grab the FA of this beautiful piece of rock, which has seen attempts from many people over the years.

It's fair to say that Steve is currently 'ahead', with the moves linked on top rope and a couple of failed lead attempts. Whilst i've managed the upper crux sequence on a shunt, i'm yet to get a top rope down it and i'm still trying to decide whether to follow Steve's line or try a harder, more dirrect one. He'll certainly get the FA before I figure out a sequence for the direct, but perhaps it will make a better route?

The gear is another issue. Steve seems to have side-runners in Stratagem, which is logical and makes the route a 'nails hard and safe' type of route, but i'm wondering whether it's worth leaving it untill i'm good enough to do it on the lone 'cam of death' which will give the most impressive piece of rock in the moors the hugely inflated grade it deserves.

Who knows. Maybe Steve can push moors climbing forward by doing it and then we can get psyched from it and try a harder direct side-runnerless ascent?

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