Thursday, 1 April 2010

Running Away from FAs- Pasketti Direct E7 6b

I've recently had two firsts for me. The first is headpoting routes, which I think is a great way to climb in the moors, considering its dirty, poorly protected and generally extremely sandbagged nature. The second is retreating from lead on new routes.

I was first too scared to get on 'The White Scoop' at Ravesdale (Stoop Brow) as it is hard 6b and with a ground clipping fall, but then today I actually retreated from my attempt at a more or less un-rehersed direct finish to my E5, the Pasketti Alpinist. Admittedly the holds are tiny, it was getting dark and there is only one (POOR!) cam in 20 metres, but I had seen the holds and knew what was coming. What is wrong with me? I'm turning into a moors punter. Allez, lets get sending. Off to Ravensdale tomorrow, quite psyched to go for a headpointed ascent of the scoop.


Anonymous said...

Where is that fine looking boulder in the top pic?

Franco Cookson said...

Kay Nest. Lots of excellent bouldering down there. two large boulders like this and then There's lots in the V5-V8 range. One particularly good V6ish problem I was trying.