Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Moors Routes of H/E6 and above

Just some Anorak Route lists for moors-enthusiast. I find listing routes is good for Psyche. Looking at how far the moors has come since this time last year is pretty cool- with 5 routes of E7 now instead of 2. I sense this is just the beginning of Moors Developement, with a lot of new routes still out there and a fair few active people.
(U) = Unclimbed

(U)Kepwick Groove Right Hand- H9? 6c (F7c+)

(U) Kepwick Groove- H8+ 6c ** (F7c)


The Hypocrisy of Moose- H7+ 6c *** (F7b+)
Esmerelda H7+ 6c (F7c??) **
(U) Stoupe Brow Wall - E7+ 6b **
A Different Kind of Blue E7 6c *** (F7c) (Now 'ground uped with Beta'!)
(U)The Stoup Brow Groove- E7 6b (F7b+)***
Magic in the Air H7 6b(F7a+?)***
Fresh Arete- H7- 6b (F7a+) **
Collateral H6/7 6c
(U)Action Indirecte H7/8 6c (F7b+?)
(U) Kay Nest Arete- E7 7b (F8?)
(U) Gehenna Wall- E7- 6b/c (F7b)
(U) Kay Nest Wall E7? 6c??? (F7??)


Scut di Scun ai (H6 ++ 6b)
Three Screaming Popes E6+ 6c (F7b+)
(U) Roseberry Direct- E6+ 6b (F7a)
Origional Sin H6 6c (F?)
Chi Ching H6 6c (F?)
Desperate Den E6 6c (F7b+)
(U)Porcupine Arete E6 6b (F?)
Vampiric Obsession E6- 6b (DWS F7a)


ram man said...

A decent list. Some of your french grades seem to have suffered the 8A.nu style inflation for trad routes treatment though!?
ADKOB only warrants H6 for sure. Collateral is totally sick and by all means most major. H6 also.

Franco Cookson said...

Yeh, i'm really poor at french grades- if you tell me which are wrong i'll change them.:)

also ADKOB has had a ground up ascent now ;) so must be E7..