Saturday, 23 October 2010

Back On Some Rock After 6 Weeks

If I were Dave Macleod, I would have been running about, dieting, doing one armers, running some more and writing a book. Unfortunately this isn't the case. When the Doctor said my Hand would be knackered for a few Months, that imediately meant 6 weeks of sitting around an eating.

The Result of this is that I am now massively heavy and have zero strength. Nevermind, I had a good time lazing around and I didn't really have any strength anyway.

I had my first little foray back into climbing yesterday, with a quick moped over to Ravenswick Quarry. I was upset in my cold weak state that I was not feeling much love for the very small crimps down there, but after a bit of soloing up some of the VSs in trainers (scary after sitting around!) I got some blood in my fingers and proceeded to boulder about.

I retro-flashed the V6 traverse, which was most comforting, before doing the 'bummel circuit' (V8) start into it at a similar grade, maybe V6. I then got Lopic's V6 pinch problem second go and then worked on some eliminates on that wall. I eventually managed to put up two new V5/V6s and then worked on a V7, which was really cool, popping off a slopey crimp to a jug.

Despite the rain the floor was dry enough to mooch about in my rock shoes which was good as I didn't have a pad, I returned home a couple of hours later- a new V7 and a couple of V5s in my pocket, a most pleasant home-coming. The grades at Ravenswick are pretty soft I feel and the new problems i've put up are compared to the existing problems (as I haven't really bouldered anywhere else).

The rain has really set in today, but hopefully me and Luke are going to dash out and attempt Roseberry direct (E6 6bish) if the rain ever stops.

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