Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mooching Back Into It

It's been five weeks now since I broke my hand and the god of broken hands (metacarpular) has been most nice to me. There has been little pain, except for when mike hit it with a hammer and I seem to be able to hang off it quite well. The swelling is a bit of an issue still, with a very fat right hand, but I’ve always wanted a (second) fat body part, so I’m not too unhappy.

I have to go back to the motherland that is the moors for a few days next week, to see a consultant, so I imagine I’ll be tootling about and getting on some pleasant routes, weather permitting. I'm properly psyched for 'Kepwick perfecting', and hopefully the weather wont stop me getting out.

There's no doubt in my mind any more that I will get on this route. The only question is when. Time, weather and ability are unlikely to coincide, but surely there is no hurdle to such obsessive devotion to one route?Luke at St. Bees