Sunday, 24 October 2010

Roseberry Direct- A Shower From Success

After a full day of rain me and Luke got out in the two hours of dry weather available. It was horrendously cold, windy and rainy every now and again.

Luke rapped the direct, which he had previously reckoned to be E3 6a! He managed to get one of his new Karakorum 'Knife Blades' in the upper part of the route, which seemed quite good actually.

He was getting psyched for the lead, which I really wasn't up for, with the soft sandstone being like a sponge and very weak and the general extreme cold and wind. It was about this time that it down poured and we ran for the cover of the boulders.

So the direct survives another day. I was kind of hoping he'd do it so I wouldn't have to....

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