Monday, 29 November 2010

The Haddock Plan

Dosing in a room of ice, a vision comes from the walls. A swiming fish. A haddock.The Haddock Speaks. In riddles, but poorly crafted enough for the meagre mind of myself to understand.
My new aquatic friend asked me this: "what is your greatest weakness?"

To which I replied that I was weak. Not being able to climb steep ground. His advice rung pure, "To climb the Fou, your greatest aim, you must conquer your arms. Be fit. Lock off. One-armers are unnecessary, but lock off and campus and you shall next summer the pure granite walls onsight."

So the Haddock has given me the key. Depression was quashed and now I am ready for a year of devotion for the Fou.

Cheers Haddock

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Anonymous said...

you should stop taking drugs :)