Friday, 5 November 2010

Roseberry and Ravenswick

10am: Up to Roseberry. Wet. Ab for a look at the pegs. Pull the pegs out with fingers. Retreat to Ravenswick.

I think I'm going to leave the direct for the next generation. It's one of those routes which just gives you a bad vibe. I've even set off on the lead before now and got up to the crux, but it's just unjustifiably suicidal. It's about F6c, very bold, sandy, thin, and just generally slippy and snappy. If I had to punt at a grade I reckon it would be around E7 6a, just a total death route despite it's relative ease. Hats off to whoever climbs it, they bonkers.

2pm: Arrive at a Ravenswick after cheese at mine. Most of the crag has given in to the torrential rain over the past week, but the black wall is still dry amazingly!

We bouldered around and added yet more problems to the wall. After a couple of V6ish things (The Hidden Treasure and Stranded) we finally found a new problem that really tested us. In fact it tested us so much we didn't manage it! I was pretty close to the standing start, but tips were well and truly destroyed by the end. We're off back tomorrow to try and send what will be perhaps the hardest problem there...