Thursday, 20 January 2011

Turning into a Tool

So, 2011 has been quite a good year so far. My lack of posting has been due to a lack of outdoor movement over the past few weeks, but I've been taking advantage of our in-house woodie to gain some valuable strength.

For the first time ever I've managed to do campus moves and general semi-burly moves which 'weak franks 2k10' could only have dreamed of. The results were partially seen today, with my first outdoor venture of 2011. Down to Burbage and Stanage for a potter about.

I was only bouldering, but managed to flash a lot of problems, a few V6s and a V7; then managing a V8 third go. Most chuffed and was quite near on a few F7b+s, so will have to keep pushing the bouldering.

I'm very happy to be pushing the bouldering as it helps me fit in, in this faceless town of boulderers- Manchester. It's also enormous FUN.


Anonymous said...

you are a tit

Anonymous said...

you've been a tool for a while

Franco Cookson said...

thank you. Good job i'm a happy pumpkin and not an anonymous bully of a merry panda.

Dave Warburton said...