Monday, 7 March 2011

New Problems at the Pumphouse

I had a beautiful day out with Jack Rotheram at the Pump House today. My ripped finger has morphed into a revolting callus, but it wasn't too painful today, so could occasionally use it.

Project one, which is a large rock over off a very poor edge, was sent after three goes today, which was really satisfying, latching the juggy rail with all points off.

Project two was a bit more 'pie in the sky'- one which I had tried last Thursday and just managed to do every move. After a bit of effort with the footwork towards the end of the traverse, I managed to get a move from the end. I had another rest and then failed again. Only after a third go did I manage to swap a gaston into a layback and finished off one of the more difficult problems there. Font 7c?

O, and the slate was fun. The new shoes were a bit crippling, but I managed to get up 'heading the shot' after 1 fall screwing the crux up. Was nice.

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