Saturday, 9 April 2011

Clemmitt's Crag Bouldering

Lee on 'Off the Rails'

Since my little tumble I haven't really been up to that much serious climbing, mainly bouldering about and learning to slack line, which was fun.

Today I returned to the moors with the girlfriend to meet up with Lee, Sam and Lee's mates at Clemmitt's crag. I had seen a few pictures of the crag which made it look really good, but I kind of assumed it was Lee's great photography skills making a poor set of boulder problems look good.

There are actually some real gems!

First off was some unclimbed problems on the left hand side. I managed to flash a problem that Lee was trying due to being able to reach past the crux and pop again, which was a bit of a cheat, but gave a great little V5. I then nearly managed a harder problem to the left, but fell whilst stroking the final jug. That should offer a great little Font 7a+.
Full Breakfast- Betaguides.

After getting excited on what I knew were the less-good boulders we headed over towards the wood, where Lee had been digging..... Wow! I was amazed. I had tipped Lee off about the possible potential of the place, but had no idea that it would be as good as it is. Great effort for Lee developing it all.

There were too many problems to go into much detail, but I repeated the excellent off the rails, flashed Full Breakfast, Smiling arete, Jake's Problem and many more.

It was basically a great day out bouldering around font 6c/7a, with a few new problems added to a great crag. The circuit there is really good at this grade and there is definitely stuff to do into the Font 7s. A few harder things too.

And what a day! I wandered all the way back to Castleton in the evening sun, true paradise after a perfect day with good friends. A real day of that immediate enjoyment you only get with climbing.

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