Wednesday, 13 April 2011

End Of The Blog For Now

My recent fall at Tintwistle really made me question why I climb and I think I've answered that in my own mind pretty well- because I want to explore magical routes, whether these are by first ascents or repeats. Despite this I have got a lot of stick about being a self publicist, which I can understand- I blog, I post on UKC and I am generally pretty vocal about what I've been up to. But this is more publicising the amazing routes and places I've explored than trying to big myself up. Never the less I find comments that challenge my motives behind climbing hurtful, not because they make me worried about the real reason I climb, but because if anything did happen to me I know my lovable chums and relatives would start to question whether I was climbing for acclaim and them thinking I was maimed or killed for showing off is not something I want.

The best way I can prove I really am not bothered what people think about me is to 'retire' from the active reporting of my explorations. I hope that I have entertained and perhaps enthused some people to get out there. I will continue to explore and blog on a private blog which will not be visible to the public and I apologise for my selfishness to anyone who really enjoyed reading my blog. (If you really want to continue to follow me then you can become a 'friend' or something and can see what I'm up to.)

I will most likely return to the land of bullshit one day, but I am enjoying my climbing more than ever and as Mick Ryan would put it 'living the dream'.

Happy Penguin Greetings,

Franco x


Not Ewan said...

whatever makes you happy is all that matters.
Don't worry about the player haters too much ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Franco, I've enjoyed your blog, seeing that there is still madness in the NYM's. Also, it was good for someone to show me what my friends and I had overlooked when we considered that everything worthwhile had been done.....apart from The Arete of course! Looks like we missed some quality stuff! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

PS Sorry, Anonymous is Chris Shorter.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your adventures and attitude. Go and do what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing