Saturday, 23 July 2011

Danby Projects and New Clemmitt's Font 7b

Just a few pictures of some of the danby Projects and a new problem I managed today.Managed this from sit today.
An arete Lee graded Font 6b from sit. I found this quite hard.
Twin aretes buttress- The Moose is the centre arete, with a project at about E6 up the overhang and the left arete and another crappy project up the wall to the right...
The Mono Wall- not a great line, but good, difficult climbing with a crux on the smooth top wall.
Where it's at- The west of the Ravine. The triangular arete is the best line as a boulder problem (Font 7bish) into a necky sequence at English 6cish. The near arete is a surprisingly difficult highball (Linked at Font 7a+ish) and in between is a futuristic blunt arete, which I can't quite do. Seems quite hard, with appalling feet.

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