Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Mega Moors Day Out- A New Buttress

The New Buttress- 'Battersby Bastion'

After a heavy night in Yarm we headed out to Crag x, only a couple of hundred metres east of Turkey Nab.
Perfect Position, only a few Metres from Turkey

On arrival I realised I was still a bit drunk, so Dooge got to lead the plum groove up the centre of Buttress. As there were only two of us Dooge opted for me to take pictures rather than belay, which meant he should have probably just soloed...
One Of Our Better New Routes

I seconded and then added a direct start, which was kind of interesting, but the difficulty was out of kilter from the rest of the route. With an E2 5b and E2 6a, there is only the arete to the left to do now. This looks like it will be a spicy E4/5.
Deep Bog
It was quite windy and I was cold, so we opted for a walk south, towards the equator and Rudd Scar and Botton head. It had a real feel of exploration, with large distances across rugged terain. It's pretty wild up there! We found some interesting rock, a mine addit and a pinnacle, which unfortunately looked like it offered only poor climbing. Rudd looks kind of promising though.
The Pinnacle
First of Many

It was now getting late, so we descended straight down, through bog and thick trees to gain a track and back to Bank Foot. From here we went for a fourth crag of the day- Potter's Quarry, Capt. Cooks area. We had a good hour on the old classics and found some of them pretty spicy!
5b apparently...
Dooge on Borboletta

A top notch day really- Cheers Dooge!

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