Tuesday, 9 August 2011

FA- Chocolate Moose E5 6c ** and a Cat!

I was getting some serious withdrawal symptoms after being away from Danby crag for over two weeks- the Triassic jungle, the beautiful white cliffs and abundance of wildlife (lit by a sun disrupted by ancient oaks).

Me and rex fancied a quick hit, to get the 'E5 6c' arete done. Great conditions, so I had another ab down and cleared some dangerous roots away and went for the solo.
There's a sharp hold just on the crux that hurts a fair bit, but apart from that it's a real joy to climb. The top few moves are really good- big 'boshy' stretches on perfect holds.
The grade is a tricky one. It might be 6c- it's like a 6b move, but with a really insecure fingery bit in the middle. It's also quite safe- you could break an ankle perhaps as the ground is steep and a bit rocky, but with enough pads, spotters and rolling it could be a cool Font 7a? problem. My knackered old mat could certainly have been better placed. Top draw of its genre anyway.
We also found a cat...
Rebecca called him Chocolate Moose- hence the name....

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Betaguides said...

Moves look sweet, I'll be having a go on that, good effort