Friday, 12 August 2011

Ramsden's Font 7b+s

I've recently done a couple of Ram man's moors problems- For Lichtenstein and Body Torque. Both good fun and fine problems. I also had a single look at Ste mac's V11 at the Wainstones 'the finger', which I reckon I could do if I get back with pads in the light.Body Torque- I found this quite hard
The Finger- I will be back

This weather is kind of irritating, but Danby will dry- here's dooge on the Otter wilderness direct today- abandoned due to possible damage in the wet...


Anonymous said...

For Lichenstein's V7 at a push ;-)

Franco Cookson said...

Yeh, It seemed pretty soft to me too, but I've hardly done enough bouldering to suggest a downgrade.

Anonymous said...

Originally guessed Liechtenstein might be 7B as when I first did it it felt like a similar move & difficulty to a bigger splash direct at Rubicon - don't think it's ever been put down as 7B+! It's definitely easier than 7B though, think the hold for your left hand has improved a bit too with use. 7A max I reckon.

Looks like Body Torque should go down to 7B for now too - feel free to edit it on database. My sequence felt harder for me than some 7B+'s I'd done but that was prob just me.



Franco Cookson said...

O, My mistake, thought it was given font 7b+. Like I say, I can't really comment. I found Body Torque insanely hard, but it really isn't my style. Great finds though!