Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Week In Arco

A Crag

As well as having its own collection of excellent sport climbing, Innsbruck is also perfectly located for forays into other world-class areas. One such area is the arco valley, north of Lake Garda, which is just over 200km away and more importantly only about 40 euros return on the train/bus.

With some chums from Manchester visiting this area for a week over Easter, I thought it provided me with a perfect excuse for a bit of a break from my bouldering regime and of course a bit of a holiday.
Fools in the Sun- getting shown-up by the super strong 'Craig', or Greg as he is more commonly known.

I didn't really climb that much- a few 6b+ - 7a+ routes - but it was interesting to see how differently you climb after getting stronger. My endurance was obviously painfully absent, which wasn't a big deal as it was a holiday, but the way I felt on moves was bizarre.

Everything just felt like jugs all the time. And even though I had no endurance, because I was used to such small holds, I found I could rest on way smaller stuff- which was good. I just felt more secure as well- even when being belayed by people I didn't really know (and hence trust), I knew that if I fell off it would be because I tired, not just slipped or my fingers gave in. The knock on effects for trad onsighting are interesting, just a bit of a shame I never go to the lakes or wales anymore...

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