Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Magical Scoop Project At Highcliffe

Pretty Scoop
A big problem with moors climbing is how nice the rocks are. There's lots I want to do, but I always end up just manically cleaning things instead of actually climbing anything as all the unclimbed stuff looks so foreign and interesting- it sort of makes a good rest day activity anyway.

I was up at Highcliffe today and got back on the scoop near flange crack. It's fairly magical and a bit of an enigma. Brilliant climbing once you're stood up on the bottom of it, but getting there is either a desperate boulder problem into it or a desperate traverse onto it.  Hopefully this will get worked out, but it might end up being quite hard. There's plenty of chalk on it improving the conditions anyway now, so hopefully this could be one of the first routes in the new wave. Pretty exciting if it's possible.

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