Sunday, 9 September 2012

For Me The Moors Season Is At An End

This summer has been somewhat of a brief flirtation between myself and the moors. I had so many things earmarked for a look, but found little time to do any of it. A more logical being would be saddened at the apparent failing in completing any of the 'objectives' that I had set myself for the summer, but to luck logic curses not my every move. Far more important than achieving whatever hollow targets I had set myself, was to explore the moors and understand those climbers who have climbed here over the years.

This summer I climbed many great lines, of mixed origins and in a mixture of styles. Dave Paul featured as many of the FAs. I have great respect for this man. He evisiged and first-trod that line of utter beauty Moonflower and went on to dance through some of the hardest rock on the moors. Ingham was another; his lines are legendary, his legacy is that of his style- balance and fingers cast from the strongest steel. Then those others- Dixon and Ian Dunn. Dunn is the only one I have met, although at the time I did not know who he was. His vibrant locks still shine brightly from Slip and Fly, whilst his peg whithers.

Another peg was dispensed from No Expectations- a noble line in need of repeats up at Landslip. Then there are Monty, brown and Parker, with lines that always impress; a whole host of spirits that still fly around the moors. The future looks just as good- the young guns are still improving at a rapid rate and me (now in my elder state)still delude myself that new increments of improvement can be made. The new routes this year are good; nothing hard, but many great lines. The arete at the Smuggler's Terrace in particular seems to dominate with exquision.

September is the end of the Moors' calender and last year saw the beginning of training. Next year promises far more training, pain and realised vision. After all, without delusion we only sink.

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