Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tranmire Highballs

The Age Of Obsession (E4 6a?*)
We got thoroughly rained on up at Tranmire today. The crag seeps a fair bit, so we got to work on trying to improve the drainage situation a bit before managing to climb three new routes on a dryish bit of wall.

We climbed above pads and managed a wall that I had jumped off the other day without them. Not sure how hard they were, but sort of english 6a/6b type stuff. They could end up feeling a lot better in dry conditions and with a little more concentration I reckon. There could also be some gear in the top break, but it doesn't really matter? They're up there and they're worth-while additions.

The one I jumped off turned out to be tarnished a little by the arete on the right, whereas the one in the picture was actually pretty good. It maintained interest that one- with a tricky bit of footwork getting into the break just out of shot.

Unfortunately the 4 slab routes we had our eye on were dripping. We'll be back for them after our drainage has taken effect. Some good bouldering below the crag too, as myself, Lee and Phleppy found out.

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