Saturday, 1 September 2012

Yet Another New Route Down On Yon Coast.

Down on the Smuggler's Terrace today, to celebrate the young squire dooge's birthday. Well, the Smuggler's Terrace is quite far for us, so we reckoned that we're just going to do another couple of lines like. Just the best pierces ya know...

Well Dooge did find his line fairly amenable I'd say. Needed but a moment o' cleanin' before he was ready for the lead. E5 6a* was the verdict and 'Billet The Kid' he were christened. A fine line of 14 metres, good rock and fine climbing. Fairly cruxy and with the weeest slither of boldness- I wouldn't like to chance a fall, I wouldn't.

To put the icing on the cake, or the badger in the taxidermy collection, was to climb the line to the right. That stonking arete aforementioned in my post-previous. Well I gave it a toppers and it felt dead amenable like. But fancy it on lead I did not. Another sesh, no rush I thought.

One stonker a day, keeps the Billets at bay.

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