Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Weekend Back in the Moors

A lot's changing in the moors. Dave's got a job, Sam and Mathew are getting ready to leave the moors for University and even the amount of time I'm spending here's fairly limited.  It was good to get back this weekend though for a get together. It was the Cleveland MC annual dinner, which is always a good laugh and the weekend offered a couple of really good day's weather.

The only problem was that we're all climbing terribly. We've all been doing other things rather than climbing and are all pretty out of practice. We were mainly bouldering down at the duck boulders and getting trampled on by easy problems, but I had a look at a new line through a roof as well. Dave wasn't keen as it was really high and he didn't want to jigger his knee falling off and nor were the other two chaps. With four mats it was feeling alright, but not the sort of thing you want to fall off.

You climb about 6 metres up to a roof, with an ok, but pretty uneven landing. From here a rather scary span through the roof reached some ok incut crimps. It was about this point when I got quite scared, I wasn't really bricking it, but certainly wasn't the epitome of calm. I got a few moves up through the crux and onto some massive flat holds. From here you just need to wack your feet high up on the lip of the overhang and pull up to the top holds, but after playing with this I decided against it and took probably my biggest jump off a problem. A good bit of airtime certainly, and not the sort of fall you want to take onto your back- which you'd be doing if you fell rather than jumped.

It will be a really tip top route when it's done and I don't want to say it 'wasn't to be today', as it probably was, I just didn't want to take the risk.  I felt happy with that though- safe, in control, nearly climbing a great line in decent style. Will be up there with the other classic Moors highballs I reckon and it's great to think there are these new routes still up for grabs.

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Dave Warburton said...

Loads still to do Franco... I'll be game with a snow drift?! Not keen on getting a job then breaking my leg...