Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mono Wall Linked!

The day finally came - I've linked the Mono Wall! Cold and dry conditions needed careful warming up and maintenance of the old fingers, but after some refining, the link came. It's all a bit marginal. Very smeary footholds and two little finger monos. If your feet come off you're going to seriously knacker your finger - maybe even rip it off! The crux is vicious and then the upper slab doesn't relent much. It's going to be wild right until the last hold.

Bring on the summer and the solo!

Axes out!
After my fingers started bleeding I went hunting for boulders. It was quite productive - lots of new stuff found!

The blank red wall and arete is tip top font 5+!

Run of the mill slabby boulder.
Stonking prow, will be protectable with pads.. Just

The best shot I could get with 2 second auto-shot. Pretty happy even with this - I had to leg it! It starts lower than you can see. Should be a great ~font 7a.

East on the left, hard on the right. Lovely pockets.

What a great spot. My favourite place in the Moors?

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