Sunday, 28 July 2013

George Gap Rocks - A New Bouldering Venue In Fryup

Fryup Dale is a right barer of gifts when it comes to bouldering. There's Mark Nab, Raven Hill Clemmitt's in, Clemmitt's North, Freyr's Nab, The Fairy Cross Boulders,  The Finklestones and Danby Crag.  There are a fair few different styles of climbing across these venues, with block-based powerful stuff at the Finklestones, Danby and Clemmitt's and buttress-based stuff at Freyr's and Fairy Cross.

Everyone knows that there are new things to be done in Fryup, perhaps even new venues, but these are starting to dry up. One last gift is a crag hidden by one of the largest waterfalls in the moors- right at the head of Fryupdale itself.

On the old 19th century maps this place is called George Gap Spa or Chalybeate. There's a large dirty buttress that we left untouched, probably with some highly esoteric trad on them and a couple of sit-down style blocks that Fryup Dale certainly already has enough of!

What was a bit new and good quality were a couple of vertical and clean buttresses that rose about 5 metres up. After a light brushing a decent few problems in the font 6s appeared, which all come highly recommended.

Perhaps this is to be the future of Moors bouldering, with small pockets of high quality still out there for the skillful explorer!

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