Monday, 29 July 2013

Waiting For Conditions

I love the table top hill at Danby. Fairy Cross Plane is a strange detached bit of moor, surrounded by craglets and boulders. There's a wild feel to it, wild moor horses, lonely trees and spectacular views. You've got to get a feel for where the project lies in relation to the area you're trying to develop and at Danby this is really easy.

I walked over there tother day with my Dad, mainly for a summer's evening stroll, but I managed to get 15 mins on the Mono Wall. The stone walls are really well built, lots of them and they pen the paths in. The bracken is cleared where the horses have walked and the path is the perfect gradient.

The Mono Wall itself is crisp-enough, dry completely and looking beautiful. I'd had worries that my fingers were starting to hurt, with a lot of time pulling on the crux monos without proper warming up. You can warm up on the exit E8ish bit, as that's mainly balancey and on largish holds, but there isn't a great way to warm into the mono cruxes. Today was important to see how they were feeling. I've had two rest days just bouldering at other venues, with the idea to let my skin repair on the mono fingers. This seems to have worked.

The last thing I was unsure about - the foot sequence at the bottom - is nearly perfected. So it's nearly time!

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