Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Mono Wall Is Climbed!

The Wall - I'm indebted to Jake for these photos.

I can now die a happy man. 5 years of Moors development finally came to a head today, as I set out on the Mono Wall, with only a pair of shorts, a helmet, chalk and some shoes.  Conditions were terrible, with the heat evaporating the last 2 days' worth of rain and sun beaming right down upon us, but it was Yorkshire day and we were all there.  Matt and Jake got some shots and Sam boldly stood below the wall, with some strange intention of trying to spot.  Mania swept forth and the excitement bubbled around. Today could be the day we climb this wall....
Enjoying the sun
Ferrier getting some pads in
A nice comfy landing
In a zone, not quite sure which one

Starting out

And as you set out on the wall, it waves up and looks like it's about to break right upon you. Psy mon says you're about to die. A slippidy sloppidy smear, through overhanging fear. When the foul foot slips, then off your finger rips - for tis but a pinky, deep and wedged in a hole! When the pinkies remain, then all you gain is more death. Stood, no hanging on a bulge, not made for mortal man.
Fighting hard on the lower wall

Glad I lost all that weight to hang on little fingers!
The well-trained clasp knows every intricacy, but still you look at real death. Twisted, crumpled, battered and brambled - a corpse would look a right marmalade mess. All that stands in the way is one pad of one finger and a foot so high it ceases to be a part of you. Into the corridor we go, hanging in a thought experiment. Hedonistic indulgence has no place in the unhinged world of the Megatrad. But now the unhinged had really become as blank as the mind and the smooth cheek scarce brought friction to the bastion of toppling terror that was the mono wall.
Team Success

The sun got hot. I was there, terrified, above the scythe of Danby, sweating. Here is the total risk, free from the fluffy calculated deception of the well-staged poster. A new world has begun. A world of Moors.


Anonymous said...

Well done Franco.

Simon Lee

Alex said...

Nice one Franco!

Franco Cookson said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Franco, just read the article on UKC and saw the link to your blog. Congratulations on an amazing looking route. Looks gnarly!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring stuff! Let the grade debate rattle on - irrespective it's clearly an awesome achievement. Well done.

Jon Warner

Franco Cookson said...

Thanks all! Let's go find some more nuguals!

Steve Crowe said...

I hear that Mono Wall has been repeated. Call me. Steve Crowe

Anonymous said...

Looks high and scary. Well done, Franco

Anonymous said...

Love Will H