Monday, 27 January 2014

Is Gardening Skill As Important As Boulder Skill?

January. I'm back in the Moors and it's chilly! I've been pretty active over the last three days, with a night up at Ingleby Incline in a snow storm, getting some early-season chalk on the direct finish to Time Captain. Snow stopped play when we woke up on the Sunday morning and we very nearly didn't get back to Castleton at all. The overhang of the A2 'Dropout' is flanked by two lines - this direct and then a lip traverse on the right-hand side out of Cosy Corner. Both routes look good and English 7a. Hopefully Time Bandits Direct will go ground up and then I'll probably lob a rope down the lip.

After a wild weekend I ventured back to the best crag in the Esk Valley. The Hypocrisy of Moose, Psykovsky's sequins - they've all had a party this christmas and look pretty hungover. The unclimbed lines are all soaked, but I managed to get some good digging in to free up the top outs and spotted a new line that looks good. A lot of work, but hopefully the projects will stay dry now. Next step is to brush the clay off when they dry out a bit.

It's lonely up here, but it's exciting. I'm loving being outside. Concerns on building some boulder strength have taken a back burner, as I work to make sure the lines are clean enough to even get on. The Moors season really hasn't begun yet and it's tough getting out on these really rather wild days. A bit of bouldering up at Westerdale View Quarry tonight offered a little respite and the last project there is looking like it might go soon.