Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Beauty Of Rain

Well the exceptional dry-spell we've had has finally come to an end. Out on the Jesus Project today, enjoying the last of the good weather before the heavens opened. Despite bracing winds and driving rain, even the walk back was fairly enjoyable and the crag was pleasant as ever. Hanging from the line, just as I had done the crux for the first time ever, it was strange how the wind seemed to become quieter as the branches began to be pattered by droplets. A very pleasant experience, made all the better by the unlocking of the crux.

The Jesus Project lies in the alcove section of the crag, with the now popular (well kind of..) highball climb of 'The Chocolate Moose' just to the right and lots of old trad routes dotted here and there. The project starts off easily, with lapping layback flakes, before a steady 6a move to gain the crux holds. It's quite incredible how many massive holds there are on the crux, considering how hard the route is. It turns out that the crux sequence basically boils down to cleaning this one tiny hold really well and bearing down on it really hard with very little for the feet - and then jumping for the top. It's hardly the most refined piece of climbing ever, but it sure is fun and requires a fair bit of the old finger strength.  I reckon this wont actually take many sessions to get ready for a shot at the solo/lead.

With a slightly damaged left tip, the rain is actually a bit of a welcomed break. A nice cup of tea, looking down the valley at all the cloud and rain - it's pretty nice in its own little way. With rain comes layoff and with layoff comes time to think. After three weeks of solid action, a dozen new routes and a lot of minor niggles, a bit of a rest and a think is just what's needed. The first step of establishing some safe and hard testpieces has been achieved, next up is waggling about in the sky on some harder things. Exciting, exciting!

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