Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How it spins in your hed goes

The world in your hed is the world tht you occupy. wy from the Moors, this mindscpe grows nd the physicl properties of the Moors tke  bck burner. This is how it goes in the Moors. The climbs re wht they re in your hed nd the unclimbed grow nd win in importnce. Tht wht spins in my mind flots to prominence nd routes tht lwys seemed insignificnt now tke centre stge. It is now tht I relise tht route tht I serched for, which I thought might not exist, I lredy know well. It ws merely ctlogued in the mind  wy tht stopped it from reching its pottentil.

The Ky Nest id Route. It ws lwys n H7+1 7 line, protected by uestionble bolts, but then, in  vision, it cme forth tht why not rip the bolts out nd hve n Hten?

The Moors for me hs now become lmost exclusively bout difficulty. The moves my not be the hrdest, but the boldest route in the world shll one dy be in the Moors, or we will die trying to mke tht  relity. Regrdless, the Ky Nest id wll hngs n unbreched pth of purity. It must be climbed.

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