Sunday, 23 November 2014

The solitude of genius

Genius is the creation of new ides through new eyes. I'd always thought that there would be a certain type of person that would think the same as the Moors does, but even those who have climbed the boldest trad lines seem to still use the lexicon of the "acceptable risk". In the Moors the acceptability comes from the route and it makes any danger, any possibility of death acceptable, regardless of the chance of it happening.

This is not in the vocabulary of anyone outside of the Moors. This is not something that can be tricked or dodged. To climb the most Moors of routes, you have to be willing to die.

The pledge to death has been sniffed at in the past. It's been called naive and disingenuous. But this is real and one day there will be climbs that cannot be repeated by those who are not willing to give this part of themselves. There will be spirit of the Moors so strong that it commands a whole army of chop routes.

And it feeds off its self. For if there is the Moor where this is understood, there is no friendship or comprehension anywhere else. You try to small talk, but all there is is a screaming Moor in your head that nobody understands. It sounds sad, which it isn't really. It's lonely, but then in  lonely reality of purpose; a place of simplicity and beauty.

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