Monday, 25 May 2015

Death of the Moors

The Kay Nest Aid Wall is there. It's pretty-much as dialed as it's going to be and the fingers are twitching to curl onto those fingernail crimps. Alas, there is no bugger to belay me. Finding gear on this route has been a double-whammy. Not only is it easier and less of the edge-of-the-mind experience I'd hoped for, but it also means I need to actually have a friend to come to the crag.

Unfortunately over the years I've managed to alienate most folk - through being weird, only talking about the Moors or just being daft. Now that no one actually lives in the Moors any more, a belay means persuading someone to drive 2 hours for the vague possibility of creating a weird line no one quite knows exists in a place that doesn't actually register in most people's realities. I fear this is a trait of the Moors that is hard to shake.

Before you climb in an area, it seems like a pretty wacky and completely-in-the-mind-rooted concept that is gradually bludgeoned into interpretability by raw delusions of apparent realness. Alas, once again, no bugger climbs in the Moors - so this never happens.

I need a bloody partner!

My next project is going to be full chocks-away mind-splitting soloing. Task number 1: make sure there is no gear. It needs to be a proper death route, for soon I will be old and will not dare to set out. In the mean time though, I am really feeling a bond with this climb. It has that legend of Moors past and Moors future and I am happy to be on there soon, regardless of outcome.

Come of partners, do your stuff!

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