Monday, 22 June 2015

Cringle: The Oracle

Jesus. Sometimes I wonder whether I'm actually dead and all of this is just a dream. With every new route I climb, a pile of new crags seem to present themselves. This week: Cringle Crag.

The lip traverse above is pure class. It's about 9 metres of full-on roof mania. There are bits and bobs of gear, but nothing that bomber after the tree. Every move is gunning for it, with a crux right on the final fin. I can't get over how well the whole thing fits together. It's just class. It almost makes me want to get better at climbing overhangs...
More typically Moorsish, but also very good is the Red Wall. Cringle is big for a Moors crag and this wall is about 14m. The super-highball start to this wall is pretty tricky, but would be just about in reach of pads. It's about 20degs overhanging, with a lot of heel locks and power-moves.  Kind of psyched - also kind of scared!
Perhaps superficially worst-looking in this little thing below. I always thought that it might be surprisingly decent. It is indeed fairly good. Bold, very bold. There's some intricate climbing off the ledge (don't fall onto this!!). Some big moves up the right arĂȘte of the scoop, before some 3-D bridging and sportesque moves reaching left onto the top wall. It takes you straight up the front of the bulge, with the crux being the last move. There's a little gear slot right in the top wall, which might be worth stopping for(?). Bloody bold anyway, with a good wodge of 6c climbing. Nice!
Another reminder that the Moors is never going to run out of new routes.... (Many unclimbed lines at Cringle were not mentioned in this post)

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